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Favorite Recipes of an American Family

Living in Historic Franklin, Tennessee

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*Ships out on April 10, 2019

In the middle of yet another development boom in the town of Franklin, Tennessee, the rural perimeter that once separated city limits and county lines has significantly shrunk again.


As the map shifts again, so do the historic benchmarks that once dotted the landscape. Back in 2012, our family was fortunate to move into a historic home on 2984 Del Rio Pike.


Given the names The Davis Place and Sweet Home, this antebellum built in the New Greek Revival style welcomed us. And while it was in rough condition when we first moved in, we implemented a number of improvements, the most noteworthy being the number of people we have brought into this home over the last seven years from whom we could learn and with whom we would share meals. 


We are launching this book several weeks after the city has broken ground in our backyard to extend Mack Hatcher. As we brace for the change of vibe, we're reminded that change is inevitable and best approached with anticipation. 


We hope in this cookbook to leave a memorial of this property and the life that we've been able to experience. If we didn't, ten years down the road no one would believe it.


The Grayson Family

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