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My Year of Living Confederately

A few years ago, I wrote a few blogposts which has turned into a series of articles I've called My Year of Living Confederately. It was inspired by the almost 90-degree vertical learning curve I experienced when I decided to leave Suburbia for the more challenging lifestyle of the rural South. Even though we're surrounded by 800+ acres, we're only two miles from town.

We landed in an 1847 antebellum that has several names: The James Davis Place, the Beal House, and (the one we prefer) "Sweet Home." An antebellum, in the strict sense of the word, is a house built before the American Civil War of 1861. In the nostalgic sense, an antebellum is an architectural masterpiece of the same period that embodies history. My year of living confederately has turned into almost 4 years of enjoyable country living (even though I'm lessthan 3 miles from the town square).

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