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Robbie Grayson



We have had clients who want very desperately to write an important story themselves. They don't want to hire a ghostwriter; they want the book to come from their own brains through their own fingertips. But they don't know how to build that pipeline to connect the head to the hands.


Robbie and Sharilyn can help with book coaching. We can schedule Skype or phone sessions for you that lead you through the process of writing a book. Sharilyn will introduce you to the method and the resources she uses when she writes. Robbie will help you find the image that will make your book tell the story you want in the most gripping way.


Over an agreed-upon period of time, Robbie and Sharilyn will meet with you, hear about your progress, encourage you in the next step, and make sure that you have everything you need to finish telling your story yourself.

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