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Finding Your Hidden Strength



Once you have a completed manuscript, we can help you turn your story into a physical book. We offer typesetting and graphic design services using InDesign and Adobe. Your book, from font to cover, will reflect the unique message that only you can bring to the world.


We also help you connect with the audience that needs your book. We can get your book working for you in the way that you want and getting into the hands that need to turn those pages. Using social media, website design, and more traditional publicity, we create a public presence that puts your book into the spotlight.

How Do I Start?


  • Second, download the Non-Disclosure Agreement (to the right), sign it, and return it through the File Upload.

  • Third, we will countersign & email it back to you. At that point we will determine a time to call you.

  • Fourth, send us a copy of your manuscript through the File Upload.

  • Fifth, we contact you when we finish reading your manuscript & discuss branding options.


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