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Mindy's OFFER


Sick & Tired

Mindy is a disabled, combat medic who served with the United States Army during the Bosnian War. While in country, she came down with two life-threatening diseases. Thus began her twenty-two-year-long battle with the VA to get her health back.


When Mindy found us, she was living in Oregon, struggling with a myriad of illnesses and with writing her story, wondering if she would ever get the truth of her story out.

 Jen's  OFFER

Jeff & 


Praying for Change

Jeff and Jen were involved in a bunch of stressful multi-level marketing companies which required them to move all over the country four times in less than three years. And they had four children on top of that. 

When Jeff and Jen found us, both were looking to map a way out of the rat racethey were in and to share their experiences with other people who might have been struggling with the same thing.

Carl's OFFER


Leaving a Legacy

Carl was quickly approaching 90 years of age. Having had a rich life that involved fighting in two wars, traveling the world, and running several businesses, he made a vow that he would write a book by the end of his 88th year of life.

When Carl found us, he recently had moved states. With the upheaval, he was more than ready to put his life into words.

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