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We publish good books. That starts with a good story, told in a gripping way. It ends in a readable book free of errors. To get to that point, we offer three levels of editing. 


The first is basic copyediting. If we've read your manuscript and agree that the writing is good and that the story is compelling, we provide the extra set of eyes. Everyone makes mistakes, and we catch yours to give you a clean manuscript, ready for the typesetter and designer.


The second is substantive editing. If you know or we notice that you rely on passive voice, make some more serious grammar errors, or routinely use some pretty vanilla vocabulary, we recommend substantive editing. Here we do some minor rewriting to change your voice to active, repair your grammar breaches, and add some zing and pop to your word choices. Substantive editing puts your book through an intensive process that guarrantees a better, more readable book.


Our third and final editing level is developmental editing, which applies to books that need reorganization, a compelling theme, and minor additional writing in addition to editing services. This deep, collaborative treatment of your manuscript provides you the best book you can have. It dresses your story in couture and drives it into your reader's minds with Porsche-level pizazz.


You decide how much input you want for your manuscript. We're here for you to give you the right editing experience for your unique story.

Robbie Grayson



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