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They say that from your fingerprints to your soul, no one else in the world is quite like you.

But how do you show that one-in-seven-billion mojo to the people you want to see you?

The motto of Traitmarker Books is Invisible doesn't mean unimportant. The choices you make and the things you love say a lot about you, and we specialize in noticing the small things that make you stand out in a big way. How does it work?


  • The first step is listening to you. We have several different ways of listening that help us notice themes and patterns in your life. One way involves you taking Traitmarker (It's free, easy, and fast). When you take Traitmarker, we'll have some broad brush strokes about how you think, feel, and act.


  • Second, we will ask you for certain information. You'll write a short essay or list or brainstorming cloud (whatever is easy for you) about the events of your life. Don't worry about spelling or grammar or remembering every little thing. Hit the high points of what your life has looked like so far.


  • Last, we will craft an image and theme for your life so far. We'll use that image to craft a story that expresses your unique soul-print to the world. You won't be part of the crowd. You'll be the rock star of your life.


You can use your Rock Star Bio on your website, as part of your resume, and in promotional and marketing materials. Anyone who needs to know who you really are and what you have to offer the world will find a crystal-clear picture in your Rock Star Bio.


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