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Finding Your Hidden Strength


We can help you in several different ways with your manuscript, depending on what you already have written and how comfortable you are with writing. If you don't have anything written and you know already that you don't want to learn to write, you can still become an author. We offer ghostwriting services for people who have a story to tell but don't have the time or inclination to write it. We will gather the information, work with you to shape the story, and write the manuscript for you. Consider us the pen in your hand.


If you already have a manuscript written, we can provide editing services at several different levels. For authors who very firmly want to keep their work as is, we can check for typos, misspellings, and punctuation hiccups with basic line editing. All writers can go eye-blind to a manuscript they've seen over and over again. We can be that extra set of eyes to catch what you are too familiar to see.


Or we can help you improve your writing by examining the grammar and word choices. We can make sure your writing zings with active energy and sings with just the right language. Substantive editing can take your manuscript from good to great.

How Do I Start?


  • Second, download the Non-Disclosure Agreement (to the right), sign it, and return it through the File Upload.

  • Third, we will countersign & email it back to you. At that point we will determine a time to call you.

  • Fourth, we will have a half-hour consultation with you to learn about the fundamentals of your project. 



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