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If you're seeking help at the beginning of your book project, we can help you get started and see your story well on its way. When you write, you need to know what you want to say, how you want to say it, and who you want to reach. We can help you answer those questions and get your message on point.


If you would like some clarity just at the beginning of your project, we can provide story consultation. This option can be helpful for non-fiction and fiction books alike. We provide sessions in any medium that makes you comfortable - email, Skype, or phone - and talk through your story with you. Finding your core truth and determining the symbol to represent it are our particular gifts.


A story consultation may be all you need. But maybe you'd like help all the way through the writing process. If so, we can provide book coaching. In any medium you'd like, we can help shape your outline, review and discuss chapters as you write, and even provide short assignments on a daily or weekly basis to help you know what to write next. At the end, you'll have a manuscript that you wrote yourself.

How Do I Start?


  • Second, download the Non-Disclosure Agreement (to the right), sign it, and return it through the File Upload.

  • Third, we will countersign & email it back to you. At that point we will determine a time to call you.

  • Fourth, send us a copy of your manuscript through the File Upload.

  • Fifth, we contact you when we finish reading your manuscript & discuss further options.



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