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We're the team THAT GETS YOU PUBLISHED        in 30 days 

Meet your team ...

The TRAITMARKER BOOKS team is a collaboration of professionals. Each of us specializes in an aspect of the publishing process from conception to launch... IN 30 DAYS. While our home-base is just south of Nashville, Tennessee, our team lives across several states, and we each run companies and ventures of our own. What makes us a great team? Each of us OWNS what we do.


Founder & Creative Direction

Robbie manages the TRAITMARKER BOOKS team. If you use our service,  you will speak to him directly & he will spearhead your project by identifying your POV & making sure that it shines through in every aspect of the publishing process. Robbie is founder of 


Brand & Duplication

Ed specializes in international brand development and positioning. He has held positions as International Sales Manager, International Brand Manager, Country Manager, VP of Operations & National Sales, and Brand Manager for companies like Skagen Designs, Jeep Licensing, and ODM. Ed tells us how to market your book.


Ad Copy & Copy Editing

Sharilyn has professionally edited several hundred books from politics to inspirational to novels. When she finishes editing your manuscript, you will see your voice shining through in all its clarity. Sharilyn is a writer, and she is a children's author at


Public Relations

Lourdes is a public relations specialist and streamlines the messaging of your book so that it is consistent across the entire spectrum of the branding, marketing, and launch process. She helps us set you up for success by tellling us which words or ideas not to use and which people are likeliest to appreciate your book.


Typesetting & Interior Design

A professional photographer at who travels the world, Keoni is a stickler for space management and a craftsman at artistic presentation. He is the part of our team who will creatively layout & typeset your book in order to give your reader the best possible experience. 


Veterans Author Advocate

Karyn is a military veterans advocate & founder of Hearts for Heroes, a volunteer-based entity involved in various volunteer-based programs that benefit military veterans and their families. Karyn promotes and advises figurehead veteran authors  on the best ways to tell their stories and serve their communities. 


Graphic Cover Design 

Drew is our graphic artist and will create your book cover design & any other creative imaging related to your book. A professional brander at, he is skilled at translating an author's POV into an attractive cover that gets your potential readers to want to open your book.


Online Education & Sales 

Sid is co-founder of, a sales company that teaches people to move their products. Sid offers TRAITMARKER authors an educational platform that helps you build your brand around your message. Sid has formerly worked with Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, and Eben Pagan.

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